Jest Murder Mystery Show Contract

THIS AGREEMENT is made by and between Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC and and 

Client Billing Address:   

Client Phone: Email:

Venue Name:  Address:   

Venue Contact Name:   Phone:  Email:   

Date of Show:  Time Doors Open:   Time Zone:   

Estimated Number of Attendees:  Family or Corporate friendly?   

Audience description:   

Will you provide our Two Actors with Meals?   

Client “Day of Event” Contact Name:  Phone: 

Agreed price for show is , for a group of up to , and then  per person over that.

Non-Refundable Deposit Required:   


Quality Requirements and Details: Please read this information completely and initial where indicated.

1. Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC actors will arrive approximately one hour prior to the time the doors will open. They will perform acts between meal courses, which can either be served plated or buffet style. Our actors do not perform while guests are eating to ensure that the audience is not distracted and will be engaged in the show.   

2. Jest Murder Mystery Company actors will need a private area for costume changes during the performance and to store personal belongings. This cannot be a public restroom and cannot be a space that is accessible to the audience. It will need to be close to the room of event. Perfect examples are an unused conference room, a coat closet, a storage room, the boss’ office, etc.

3. Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC recommends a sound system for audiences of approximately 60 or more. Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC will not be held responsible for inadequate sound systems, echoing gymnasiums, noise from other rooms, etc. Our sound requirements are (1) sound system, (2) wireless headset microphones, and (1) wireless handheld microphone for an audience of 60 or more.  A more powerful sound system will be needed for larger audiences.   

4. Feeding the audience before the performance will make the evening long and your audience will become tired. We can guarantee that this will affect the quality of your show and we do not recommend it. Please plan to feed your audience in between acts of the show to ensure a more successful event.

5. Please do not surprise your audience with a Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC Show. This will cause them to be timid and shy. Instead tell them ahead of time so they can be prepared to have a good time.

6. Client will make sure that the venue banquet captain or venue event contact is aware of Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC room setup requirements to ensure a great event.

7. Client realizes that show recommendations are based on Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC’s experience performing hundreds of shows each year since 1999. If the client disregards any of those recommendations, the client will not hold Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC responsible for the negative impact of those decisions.

8. is to be mentioned on every promotional flyer, announcement, card, poster, radio, Newspaper article, press release, television, etc., when promoting an event.

9. The Client assumes full responsibility and liability for any losses that may develop from the event state in this contract, except for any loss, damages or claims proximately caused by any gross negligence and/or willful actions of Jest Murder Mystery Company Actors.

10. Jest Murder Mystery Company will not be responsible for cancelled shows due to inclement weather, impassible roads, accidents, illness, etc.


1. No date will be held until this agreement is signed by client, a signed copy is delivered to Jest Murder Mystery Co, LLC & a deposit is received. Once complete Jest will cast performers and will then send the client an official confirmation email reserving a date and time.

2. Deposits are half of the initial bid amount and are due when Jest Murder Mystery Company receives a signed contract. The deposit is non-refundable.

3. Quotes will be void after 30 days if the aforementioned has not occurred. Quotes contain all travel expenses.

4. Client agrees to not disclose specifics of any agreed upon price to any other parties.

5. Show confirmation is contingent upon the Jest Murder Mystery Company schedule and individual actor’s schedules. Not all shows are available in all areas. Show title will be confirmed after actors have been cast. Jest does not guarantee specific actors for any specific show.

Final Payment:

1. Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC Actors will not be responsible for your payment. Gratuities are not expected but are appreciated and should be given directly to the actors.

2. Client and Jest Murder Mystery Co, LLC Actors will indicate the audience headcount after act 1 on the Client Show Headcount Form. The client will receive an email to fill out an online headcount form after the show and a final bill will be calculated.

The Jest Murder Mystery Co, LLC will email the Client an invoice for the remaining balance of the show. The invoice will contain a customized link to pay via credit card. Credit Card Payments are subject to a processing fee. To avoid the processing fee simply mail a check. 

3. Client shall pay for the exact headcount as determined by the actors and the Day of Event Contact at the end of Act One. Invoices will be calculated and emailed to the client the week following the performance. If the client does not receive an invoice the week following the performance, please contact Jest Murder Mystery Co, LLC to verify the correct email address and have the invoice resent.

4. Client understands and agrees that a late fee of $50 will be assessed if not paid in full after 30 days from date of invoice, per show, per month. Payments by credit card are subject to a processing fee.

5. Client will be responsible for all collection costs if invoice is not paid pursuant to its terms and conditions. Payments are due in full within 30 days of the date of invoice. After a reasonable period of time, Jest Murder Mystery Company will turn all unpaid balances over to a collection agency. Outstanding balances will accrue interest at a rate of 18% per annum. In addition, client is responsible for any additional collection agency fees (up to 30% of the outstanding balance) plus attorney fees should litigation become necessary to recover any unpaid balance.

6. There will be a $35 fee for returned checks. Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC reserves the right to refuse checks from anyone who has a returned check history.

Payment Options:

1. Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You will receive an email from us with a customized link to pay your deposit via credit card once you sign this document. Credit Card Payments are subject to a processing fee. To avoid the processing fee simply mail a check instead.

2. Checks should be made payable to Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC and mailed to:

Jest Murder Mystery Company, LLC
Attn: Leslie Franklin

200 West 3rd St.
Suite 401
Alton, IL 62002


Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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