Adolfo Herrera

Headshot Image of Jest Murder Mystery Entertainer Adolfo Herrera

Adolfo Studied theater at Florida International University and has appeared in commercials, films and television productions in South Florida. He has performed on stage in productions of Romeo and Juliet, Taming of The Shrew and Hamlet. He has also performed at The Florida Renaissance Festival as the King of Spain for 11 years.

Claudius Hamlet Colleen Stovall
King of Sicily The Tempest Richard Weber
Dr. Mountebank The Amazing Coatrack Medicine Show Sara Manzano
King Ferdinand Florida Renaissance Festival Richard Weber
Lord Capulet Florida Shakespeare Theatre Robert Lowery

Film / TV:
Mr. Johnson The Gun Anthony Dones
Myself Between Myth and History Vivian Orozco

Sportscaster Southeast Toyota World Cup Promo Zimmerman Group

Special Skills:
Interactive Theatre, Stage Combat

Associates, Theatre, Florida International University
SAFD Training