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Jest Murder Mysteries was founded in St Louis, (1999), by actor, writer, director Randy Manning. Finding success with his previous murder mystery shows, Randy believed that he could produce a better show.

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Ok, so just what are these murder mystery dinners?

  1. They are interactive.
  2. They have a script but they are also improvisational.
  3. They are funny.

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Here is what some of our audience members had to least the ones that made it out alive.

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Here is some evidence...I mean photos of our work.

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Jest Murder Mystery Radio

Sorry to leave you this note. I've been taken into custody by the police.

Last night I was woken by a gunshot and came downstairs to find Mr. Jest, (founder of Jest Murder Mystery Co), dead in this very chair. The police seem to think I know more than I'm telling them about the murder.

Until I get back, can you make yourself comfortable? Feel free to poke around.

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Randy Manning

There’s nothing better than a murder mystery to spice up your dinner and, even better, your whole evening. Since it is not practical to orchestrate an actual murder every night between courses, murder mystery dinner theater is the next best thing. With such entertainment around there’s no way you won’t enjoy your meal, especially if you live in the St. Louis area, (home of Jest Murder Mystery Company). While we perform shows in locations all over St Louis, (and the United States), many St Louis residents know us as the murder mystery company for the famous historical, (we really mean the “histerical”), Lemp Mansion!

As the best St. Louis murder mystery dinner theater, Jest Murder Mystery Company has everything you need for a wonderful evening and an amazing time. With more than a decade in the entertainment business, this small company quickly established itself as one of the key players on the murder mystery scene in the United States and their shows are praised by all who experience them. You should know, though, that this St. Louis murder mystery dinner theater’s shows are comic murder mysteries, not your usual stuffy Agatha Christie style. So, be prepared to laugh. No sad faces are allowed to enter, but if they do the crew will do away with them, turning all frowns upside-down in short order.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to add an interesting twist to your monthly dinner party, it’s a snap to organize your own private murder mystery dinner with Jest. They specialize in lively shows ripe with audience participation, so all of your guests will take part in the mystery and go home with a pleasant feeling for days to come – in fact, you may find them begging for another before too long!