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Jest Murder Mysteries was founded in St Louis, (1999), by actor, writer, director Randy Manning. Finding success with his previous murder mystery shows, Randy believed that he could produce a better show.

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Ok, so just what are these murder mystery dinners?

  1. They are interactive.
  2. They have a script but they are also improvisational.
  3. They are funny.

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Here is what some of our audience members had to least the ones that made it out alive.

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Here is some evidence...I mean photos of our work.

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Jest Murder Mystery Radio

Sorry to leave you this note. I've been taken into custody by the police.

Last night I was woken by a gunshot and came downstairs to find Mr. Jest, (founder of Jest Murder Mystery Co), dead in this very chair. The police seem to think I know more than I'm telling them about the murder.

Until I get back, can you make yourself comfortable? Feel free to poke around.

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Randy Manning

Jest Murder Mystery Company is proud to perform our comedy shows in, and around, Providence. With our patented, (can they be patented?), formula of using the finest comedy improvisational “Providence” actors along with you, (and your fellow audience members), we have created the funniest murder mystery shows available. Our scripts and our actors will give you a crazy fun evening that you, (and your friends), will never forget.

We’ve been doing murder mystery shows in Providence for several years now and the biggest thing we’ve learned is, unfortunately,… …not all murder mystery companies are created equal.

Our clients tell us all the time, “Jest is the best murder mystery show I’ve ever attended”. Well…thanks. We think so too.