Dinner Theater in Providence

Dinner Theater in ProvidenceThere are several constants in this world which almost anyone can enjoy — everyone loves dinner, theater and murder — well, scratch that last one, but the first two still stand. The Jest Murder Mystery Company dinner theater in Providence provides laughter, thrills and chills to all those who partake.

The Dinner-Theater Experience

Enjoying a great dinner and a raucous comedy show — featuring some of the most talented improvisational actors Providence has to offer — simultaneously is an experience not soon forgotten. Who knew murder could be so funny? The best part is the audience is as much a character as anyone else. Everyone has their role to play at the dinner theater in Providence.

Choices, Choices…

Nine shows in total are offered, and every rendition is unique because every audience is unique. Due to this, the same show will never occur twice. Here are the shows performed:

  • A Dickens of a Killing
  • A Fistful of Hollars
  • The Christmas Killer
  • Clueless
  • Death of a Blackheart
  • Muuurder in Maaay-bury
  • The Comic Book Killer
  • The Haunted Hunter
  • Bullets in the Bathtub

Those who enter the dinner theater in Providence won’t come out the same; they will come out with a new found appreciation for comedy. Be forewarned though, every dinner afterwards is going to seem boring by comparison, that’s just a side-effect that has to be accepted. The dinner theater in Providence offered by the Jest Murder Mystery Company must be seen to be believed, lets just hope everyone makes it out alive for a change.