Des Moines, Iowa Murder Mystery Company

Jest Murder Mystery ShowFrom corporate parties and fundraiser events to public dinners and birthday celebrations Jest Murder Mystery Company has helped thousands of audience members in Des Moines and across the nation bring tears to the eyes of their laughing friends, family and co-workers.

With our entertaining characters, interactive shows, energetic performances and the best actors from Des Moines and across the Unites States, we treat your guests to a night of hilarity and mystery.

We truly have the best Murder Mystery Show in Des Moines, Iowa and nationwide!

How Our Murder Mystery Parties Work

Jest Murder Mystery ShowJest’s murder mystery shows in Des Moines are interactive comedies usually built around a meal, but they don’t have to be. Plus, all of your audience members will play parts. They can choose a big part, a little part… or just watch. It is up to them!

Here’s a list of a few types of shows we perform our murder mysteries at in Des Moines…

Corporate Events, Parties, Dinners, and Meetings

Fundraising Events, Parties and Dinners

Private Birthdays, Rehearsal Dinners and More

Public Dinner Parties at your Venue or Banquet Space

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party in Des Moines

Jest Murder Mystery Company Scrooge Dickens of a Killing We have an easy 3 step process.

  1. Request a free, no obligation quote.
  2. Receive your Free Quote.
  3. Book us before your date fills up.

Planning a murder mystery in Des Moines is easy with Jest Murder Mystery Company.

Here are the basics. You will need to arrange for a banquet space, the location and menu of your choosing, possibly in Des Moines or anywhere really. Then ask us, Jest Murder Mystery Company, to come in as your turnkey entertainment.

Sweet, simple and very, very funny. It’ll be an evening your audience will never forget.

If you have not already booked your banquet space please check out a few of our recommended venues in the Des Moines area.

Entertainment for Company Parties and Corporate Events in Des Moines

Corporate Friendly Company Party Entertainment by Jest Murder Mystery CompanyPlanning a corporate event or company party in Des Moines and need entertainment?

Our message is simple. We provide a great and funny murder mystery shows for your company event, ones you’ll be proud of, with lots and lots of participation that your audience members will talk about for years!

In fact, the three most common comments we hear when audiences are leaving our show are:

  1. Lots of fun!
  2. Let’s do that again!
  3. Where’s the restroom?

Entertainment for Fundraising Events, Parties and Dinners in Des Moines

Fundraiser Party, Dinner Entertainment by Jest murder MysteriesWe put the “FUN” in “FUNdraisers”! No kidding. Once your group chooses us, it raises the bar for entertainment and ticket sales because your audience will be asking to buy tickets again for the next year and the next… and the next….

So next time you are booking entertainment for your fundraiser in Des Moines be sure to get your free quote.

Entertainment for your Private Party or Dinner in Des Moines

Your Private Party Entertainment by Jest Murder Mystery CompanyWant to host a Private Party, Birthday Party, Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, Friends Night Out, etc in Des Moines?

One that you, your family and your friends will talk about for years?

Hire Jest Murder Mystery Company to make that happen. So many times we here the comment “My friends are still calling me by my character name!”. Don’t you want your name changed too?

Entertainment for your Restaurant, Venue or Banquet Space in Des Moines

Entertainment for your Banquet Space by Jest Murder Mystery CompanyLooking for something new to bring people to your restaurant or banquet space in the Des Moines area?

Make additional revenue with our tried and true comedic murder mystery shows. Ask about our “no risk” options for restaurants and banquet facilities in Des Moines.

Our murder mystery shows are just the thing to bring new customers thru your door.

Great Venues for your Des Moines Murder Mystery

Holiday Inn Des Moines Airport  Logo

Des Moines Airport Holiday Inn

Phone: 515-287-2400
6111 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, Ia 50321

Meet some amazing Murder Mystery Actors

Des Moines Murder Mystery Actor Carol Palmer

Carol Palmer

Carol Palmer is a well-known singer, actress and dancer on numerous stages in the Des Moines area such as Des Moines Playhouse, Drama Workshop, StageWest, Urbandale Community Theater and more. She has performed in 50 productions since the early 1980’s … Continue reading

Dan Chase Jest Murder Mystery Headshot

Dan Chase

In the past 40 years, Dan Chase has performed and directed at theaters around Iowa in such diverse shows as “Wait Until Dark” at the Des Moines Playhouse, Westminster Presbyterian Church’s Fine Arts Series production of “A Man For All … Continue reading