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Jest Murder Mysteries was founded in St Louis, (1999), by actor, writer, director Randy Manning. Finding success with his previous murder mystery shows, Randy believed that he could produce a better show.

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Ok, so just what are these murder mystery dinners?

  1. They are interactive.
  2. They have a script but they are also improvisational.
  3. They are funny.

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Here is what some of our audience members had to least the ones that made it out alive.

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Here is some evidence...I mean photos of our work.

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Jest Murder Mystery Radio

Sorry to leave you this note. I've been taken into custody by the police.

Last night I was woken by a gunshot and came downstairs to find Mr. Jest, (founder of Jest Murder Mystery Co), dead in this very chair. The police seem to think I know more than I'm telling them about the murder.

Until I get back, can you make yourself comfortable? Feel free to poke around.

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Randy Manning

The streets might seem quiet in Chicago this time of the year. Perhaps a little bit too quiet. As if something dark and violent were about to happen. Something like a gangster war or a curious political assassination with no obvious suspects. What if it does? The police and local authorities might need your help. Do you think you are up to the task? This is, after all, a matter that should be treated very seriously. Isn’t it?

Jest Murder Mysteries doesn’t think so. At our events, laughing is required even when there’s a potential killer at the table. Especially then. This professional dinner theater company, originating in St. Louis, is now one of the greatest Chicago murder mystery dinner theater providers. Our mysteries are comical and fun, so you’d better chew your food carefully at this table.

With a professional team of actors that will make even the most reticent audience member play his or her part in the mystery, Jest Murder Mysteries brings you laughs and entertainment on demand. All of the shows have been carefully planned, but you still never know what may happen from one moment to the next.

If you’re living in Chicago, murder mystery dinner theater doesn’t get better than this. Interactive, exciting, entertaining and fun are the words that describe it best, so there’s no need to hesitate. You’ll have a killer time.

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